Friday, May 16, 2008

Factor as a middle-tier language

Medioset came out of stealth mode a couple of weeks ago with an ambitious middle-tier experts certification program called Midflow™. As the FAQ goes, Midflow™ is a network of executive middle-tier experts, backed by a world-wide certification program (more details at

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Beyond the expertise program, Medioset owns a suite of identity management enabling applications. These applications currently rely on a mix of Java, Erlang, and Ruby (RoR). I am seriously considering Factor as a unique middle-tier language to replace the above ones and unify the middle-tier architecture.

Since my first interest in Factor (over a year now), the language kept getting better and better at a very fast pace. No other language lets me bind to the numerous proprietary SDKs I have to deal with as easily. At the same time Factor's process launcher greatly eases system integration. I also expect its concurrency performance to be good enough by release 1.0 to replace Erlang. Moreover, it has its own Web framework and server to replace Rails.

When Factor reaches its 1.0 milestone release, I will start to gradually phase out the older Java, Erlang, and Rails applications with new Factor-based ones.

Update: Medioset is no more. I sold the crown jewels (i.e. the virtual meta-directory technology) and the main justification for the experts network was to support the identity management suite. I'm back into consulting full time.


The honey monster said...

I too am very interested in factor although I at a nascent stage in my understanding of the language but I was interested as to whether you had considered YAWS and erlyweb as rails replacements.

Elie Chaftari said...

the honey monster,

I tried ErlyWeb some time ago for a small web application. I found it both flexible and easy to use. I think, however, that Factor's Web framework and server will have a better integration with the core language than ErlyWeb and Yaws have with Erlang. Again, I want a language with a good overall balance to unify my middle-tier architecture.