Wednesday, April 4, 2007

And the winner is...

The raptor dinosaurs are the fiercest because of their weapons, their speed and their intelligence. They have been chosen as a symbol because they are pack hunters like the Factor team.

However, since many would have liked to keep the lonely F icon; I have combined the two symbols with a backlit velociraptor in front of a large F. Here's a preview before I turn it into an icon.

[Image removed because of possible copyright infringement]

I just learned that even redrawing a photograph as an illustration could end up in a copyright suit. I'll either have to go out find a raptor who would graciously accept to pose for me or ask the author's permission.

Update: I usually don't surrender easily. Since no raptor was willing to pose for me, I decided to create my own. Refreshing my old 3D modeler skills, I created a low-poly mesh of a dino and posed it. After a first subdivision, I refined the mesh and extracted the outline. Below you can see the screen captures I took at each step.

Copyright (C) 2007 Elie Chaftari

I did not use any reference for the 3D model on purpose to avoid copyright issues. Here is the current state of the icon on Windows (Vista ready) and Macintosh.

Copyright (C) 2007 Elie Chaftari

Copyright (C) 2007 Elie Chaftari


Daniel Ehrenberg said...

That's a really great icon. I hope we end up using it. Though, you know, the raptor symbol actually came from the XKCD references to it...

Slava Pestov said...

I like it.

Slava Pestov said...

Can you e-mail me various-size versions? Actually for OS X, I only need 128x128.

Anonymous said...

in case you haven't yet fixed your mind on it,
I realized there was a game,
the one where you have 3 poles and rings of different sizes, and you need to move them all from one pole to the third, you surely know what I mean, it's a kind of logic puzzle
and to solve it you need to think in a stack based way, since that is actually just what it is - a stack.
so perhaps the icon could be this game, or something based on it. what do you think?
personally, I am tired of seeing all those scary things like snakes(python) dinosaurs(your icon) aliens (in lisp) and demons (in bsd).
I appreciate something friendly.
oh I forgot!, doesn't the factor lang website already has this sea-star? it is beautiful

Elie CHAFTARI said...


Thank you for the comment but, as the title says, the community already made up its mind and the winner is...

Anonymous said...

ahh, ok
sorry I joined in so late :)

well, best of luck with the dinosaur,
and sorry if my previous comment sounded harsh or anything
I have some kind of attraction to the factor language, as if it's a kind of game or challenge to program in stacks :)